Care for Your Family Even After You're Gone

Learn how to draft a legal will in the Henderson & Las Vegas, NV area

You've provided for your family all of your life. You can continue to do so even after you pass away. Visit Lombino Law Studio in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada to learn how to draft a legal will. We can also show you how to set up a trust.

Attorney Lombino will discuss your wishes with you to determine which estate planning documents you'll need. He'll help you appoint heirs and guardians, settle your affairs and divide your estate. You can trust him to help you leave clear instructions for your family.

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Why create a legal will or trust?

Why create a legal will or trust?

The biggest advantage of creating a will or trust is that you'll provide your family with peace of mind. As your trust attorney, Charles Lombino will help you choose the right estate planning documents so you can:

  • Start a college fund for your children
  • Give your assets to worthy heirs
  • Avoid having your estate probated
  • Prevent your financial records from becoming public
  • State what you want done with your property once you're gone

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