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Consult an intellectual property attorney in the Henderson & Las Vegas, NV area

If you've developed a new software for your business, don't let anyone steal your creation. Turn to Lombino Law Studio to protect your invention. Our lead intellectual property attorney in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada will offer advice on how you can allow others to use your software. You won't have to worry about anyone stealing your intellectual property once you've consulted with us.

Attorney Lombino has a lot of experience in complex software development and licencing transactions as well as complex hardware development transactions. Call him to help your business today.

Reach out to our firm today to schedule a consultation with an intellectual property attorney. We assist software, hardware and technology companies.

Create a binding agreement to protect your bottom line

Create a binding agreement to protect your bottom line

Attorney Lombino will help you create a software development agreement. He'll draft a document that outlines:

  • How your software should be used
  • Which company will be using your software
  • How to resolve potential issues
  • How much your software costs
  • How to handle hardware development, dispersal agreements
  • How to proceed with complext licensing agreements

You'll prevent lawsuits and avoid legal conflict with a software development agreement in place. Call 702-623-7733 now to explore your options with attorney Lombino.

Protect Your Most Important Asset

You may not know it, but intellectual property can be the most important asset of your business. It can help you against your creditors and give your business tremendous added value in any sale. Call today to get your intellectual property evaluated and protected.

Building a web site or contracting for the development of software? Lombino Law Studio can help you with these very important events for your business. Call today.