How to Ensure a Smooth Real Estate Transaction

Retain a real estate litigation attorney in the Henderson & Las Vegas, NV area

Whether you're building, renting or selling property in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, you'll benefit from having a real estate transaction attorney at your closing. Lombino Law Studio represents a variety of clients, from landlords and tenants to construction company owners and land developers. You can count on attorney Lombino to oversee your transactions and pursue your best interests.

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How can attorney Lombino help you?

How can attorney Lombino help you?

Lombino Law Studio can help you with any type of real estate law matter. As your real estate transaction attorney, Charles Lombino will assist you with:

  • Civil litigation. He'll resolve potential disputes early.
  • Transactional law. He will show you how to complete your transaction efficiently.
  • Contract disputes. He can review your contract and explain the rights of all parties involved.
  • Complex Transactions. He can handle construction agreements, development agreements, bank workouts, and the like. 

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